Video Production Specialties

Over the past 35 years, KO-MAR Productions has produced every kind of project conceivable. We’ve been all over the world and have worked with celebrity athletes, musicians and politicians. While we pride ourselves on being able to take any product or situation and make it into a successful video, there are several areas we’d call our video production specialties:

Each of these industries carries a special level of knowledge, exemplified by the companies that hire us over and over.  Golf clients such the PGA and the Nicklaus Companies use KO-MAR.  Aviation clients such as PRATT & WHITNEY and PALM BEACH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, and hospitals and research institutes such as Max Planck and The Scripps Institute have used our services to tell stories.

Of course we know what to shoot and how to shoot it, but it’s just as important that we understand each industry’s etiquette and sensitive protocols. Click on an area below to see sample works.