Golf Instruction Video Production

We’ve earned a reputation by developing and growing relationships with some of the heavyweights in the golf industry: the PGA of America, the Golf Channel, the Nicklaus Companies, TGR (Tiger Woods), Golf Digest Magazine, and Great White Shark Enterprises, to name a few. We’ve traveled from coast to coast and to the Caribbean shooting golf in all its forms, from one-hour programs for multiple networks, documentaries, golf instruction and training videos with multiple Top 10 Teachers, to corporate event videos, product demos, and golf real estate. If it says “golf” on it, we shoot it!


KO-MAR professionals know not to drive on the green, showing up to a high-end course in jeans. It’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference..


From Tiger to The Shark to the Golden Bear and the Number One golf player, we work with the biggest names in the game.


Shorter golf lesson videos are different from producing an hour long show on the Golf Channel or CBS, but one things that remains consistent is that it’s all about telling a story.