Medical and Healthcare Video Production

They can be cold, sterile and unattractive – We’re not talking about the talent here.

We pride ourselves in visual storytelling, and our medical and healthcare video production team has spent 20 years applying expertise to pharmaceutical companies, biotech, OTC health, hospitals, diagnostic and medical device companies worldwide.


We circumnavigate constraints of an active emergency room, as well as those of sensitive health issues and active research laboratories.


You’re not used to lights, cameras and action and you’re very busy. We work with you until you’re comfortable, from how to dress, where to look, how to talk and when to blink.


We are efficient, agile and effective within the challenges of your environment, understanding that staff can be pulled away from the shoot at any minute. Cameras and crew work around you. We respect boundaries and we execute on schedule with the goal of making the final product look the best it can be.