What Inspired You to Start Your Own Production Company?

I remember in sixth grade (many moons ago) when the teacher would roll something called an “overhead projector” into the classroom.

We would collectively slump over, anticipating an hour of charts, graphs and overall boredom. And we were right. Not only was it deadly boring, the teacher was frighteningly similar to that infamous movie teacher who droned on and on: “Bueller. Bueller. Bueller….”

Todd Kolich, AKA the KO in KO-MAR, back when he was starting his business.

But whenever the presentation was a movie — even just a documentary about the migratory patterns of the Canada goose — we would sit up straight and pay attention.

That feeling stayed with me throughout high school, college and into my career as the owner of a video production company.

Today, video is everywhere. It delivers your message, brand and feelings.  Video is simply the most powerful communications tool because it transcends language and culture.

If you know how to research, market and advertise the cost effectiveness of presenting in video, you can receive an enormous return on your investment.  Video kept me interested all those years ago and it still works today.

Do you agree? Bueller? Anyone?

Posted By : Todd Kolich