We don’t look at video production as brain surgery. We think it’s much harder. We do our work in the field where our experienced staff recognizes when the talent needs another take, or when we need to wait that extra hour for the perfect light to make a shot magical.

We do our work in the edit suite where precise color grading and finding the right music can make the difference between success and failure on a project.

We understand the process of taking a problem and finding a solution. We do it every day and have for over 35 years. It takes really good people, really good equipment and just the right attitude to make a good project great. Lucky for our clients, we’ve got all three.


6,000 Sq Ft. Studio

6,000 Sq Ft. Studio

This studio has accommodated live shows, national commercials, still photo shoots, infomercials, satellite media tours and car spots. Security and quick access make it an easy spot for South Florida’s celebrities to pop by for a shoot. Because of our extensive in-house abilities, we can make your studio rental as turnkey as you need it to be.

Full grip, lighting, audio and camera packages plus crew are available. Studio rental includes a studio manager, a green room, makeup area and access to a conference room. Call for pricing.

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Aerial Expertise

How To Raise More Money With a Powerful Fundraising Video

A fundraising video informs and inspires people to act better than any other medium. Get started in video content production for your non-profit or charity with these ideas.   In the 35-year history of my company, we developed hundreds of fundraising videos. The videos serve capital campaigns, kick off volunteer drives, fund expansion, launch brand-new …

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What Inspired You to Start Your Own Production Company?

I remember in sixth grade (many moons ago) when the teacher would roll something called an “overhead projector” into the classroom. We would collectively slump over, anticipating an hour of charts, graphs and overall boredom.

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Relax, we’ll take it from here.

Tell us what you’re looking for. Yes, someone will write back. If you don’t hear back in 24 hours, catering is on us during your shoot. Yay! Free food.

Please email all talent and employment inquiries directly to Jim at