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Scripting and Creative Strategy

About KO-MAR Video Production

After 30+ years in this business, boy do we have ideas. In house we have writers, producers, and directors that make the most mundane widget sound sexy and purr. We turn those ideas into scripts and video concepts. Producers here have over 100 years combined experience. The KO-MAR crew ranges from mid-20s to mid-50s -- We think it's a perfect blend of ideas, opinions and philosophies. Communication design starts with visual layout, brainstorming, and copy writing. Then, we shape how your video communicates visually, stimulates moods, creates a sense of relevance and connects to a target audience, market segment or persona.

KO-MAR has produced hundreds of hours of quality broadcast television and literally thousands of commercials. We've worked with top advertising agencies, marketing executives and seasoned creative directors. We've seen all of the best practices in action and know the video marketing methods and strategies that work.

Don't let this digital age be intimidating??????? We're the guys who'll sit down with you and listen to your video wants and needs. We'll help you make sense of it????????Then we deliver it.

Doesn't matter if you haven't started, you're half way or getting close to producing your video, we can fill in the rest. Click here to start the conversation.