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Post Production, Digital Media and DVD Authoring

KO-MAR Video Production

You never know what kind of media, projects, and people will arrive at your doorstep. KO-MAR is set up for most formats including RED/RED EPIC, AVCHD, ProRes, QuickTime (including footage from HDSLR cameras), XDCAM, P2, Canon XF, HDCAM, HDV, Digital Betacam and Betacam SP. We edit 3D too.

Five AVID Symphony Edit Suites

When you create films, television programs, corporate marketing videos or commercials for a living, your editing systems become an extension of yourself. AVID Symphony delivers the most powerful platform for professional editing.

With each suite, you get:

  • A complete HD & 3D end-to-end workflow
  • Real time HD editing - using Avid DNxHD or DNxHD 444
  • Color correction with full-quality 4:4:4 HD-RGB color space processing
  • A huge collection of built-in 2D and 3D effects, transitions, and tools for motion tracking, keying, compositing, titling, and editing/mixing audio
  • Over 2,500 albums of the best industry music
  • A library of SD and HD stock footage
  • Adobe® Creative Suite® solutions
  • And a great sounding audio booth for live voice recording

KO-MAR's award winning edit staff

KO-MAR's award winning edit staff complements this state-of-the-art technology. They've captivated audiences with thousands of commercials, hundreds of programming hours and countless gigabytes of new media. Because our editors also speak Adobe® Creative Suite® -- Photoshop, After Effects, Audition and more - We say bring it on.


Audra Roby

Audra's biggest problem is her biggest asset - She can write, produce and edit! We use Audra for EVERYTHING... And she loves it! Learn more…


Devin Jinks

Devin's been with KO-MAR since 1997 - his first gig was working the '97 Baseball World Series. Since then Devin has climbed to the role as our Operations Director. Learn more…


Michelle Flores

Michelle's path to KO-MAR started in Pennsylvania. A Penn State grad (4.0 graduated in 3 years), Michelle brings a cerebral approach to editing. Learn more…

DIGITAL Media Services

Ready to upload your freshly produced HD spot to stations across the globe? Ready to unleash your new web content? Ready to go mobile? Deliver your video to any device on any network. KO-MAR is outfitted with the newest software to support cyber culture.

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring and Duplicating

After your project has been completed in one of our editing suites, we can author it. That means we'll get your video(s) ready for playback on your DVD/Blu-ray player or computer. Keep it simple or make it complex. Ask us to compile a series of videos, add cool menus, backgrounds, animated buttons, add chapters, audio files and design a "look" with matching labeling or packaging to enhance the presentation of your project… The sky is the limit.