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Health & Life Science Video Production

Show Them What You Do

Biotech Videography
  • APPROACH: To be efficient, agile and effective in keeping up with the challenges of your environment. Really - you won't need to jump through hoops to make this happen. Cameras and crew work around you. We won't ask for a bunch of meetings.
  • MOMENTUM: We turn a complex subject into a story that compels. Basic storytelling is at the crux of every video - And we've spent the last 20 years applying that to pharmaceutical companies, biotech, OTC health, hospitals, diagnostic and medical device companies worldwide.
  • COMFORT:We know you're not used to lights, cameras and action. We'll work with you until you're comfortable - everything from how to dress, where to look, how to talk and when to blink. Whether you're quirky, witty, subtle or offbeat, we'll even capture your personality, so your video resonates with your viewers.
  • EXPERIENCE: circumnavigating the constraints of an active ER, sensitive health issues and active research laboratories.

We're telling your story

We've had great success in creating content for Scripps Research Institute, Max Planck, Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute and many medical organizations. We'd like to extend that expertise to your organization. We're the team who'll sit down with you and listen to your video wants and needs. We'll help you make sense of it - Then we deliver it. We keep it simple.

Today's business landscape abounds with competition on every front. The world of health sciences and wellness may be the toughest. When competing for funding, grants, patients or even skilled employees what can be the difference maker?

Video… plain and simple.

How do you make someone understand what you do? Why should someone connect to your work? What can you do to make your message heard above the din of everyone else? Call the people who know how and have done it before… KO-MAR brings your expertise to life in an engaging and informative way, without compromising or sensationalizing the facts.

Inform. Engage. Inspire. Resonate.

Compete in a global market. Persuade. Make an idea stick. Make people care. Make a presentation more impactful. Compel an audience to support you. KO-MAR's been around for more than 30 years - that's a lot of trial and error! Here's a list of video solutions that have worked for our clients -

  • Meeting opener to engage prospects
  • Infographics
  • Trade show preview or highlights
  • How-to video
  • Video news release
  • Grant proposal video supplement
  • Crowd funding
  • Green screen officer interviews and testimonials
  • Clinical trials
  • Philanthropic or donor tool
  • Webinar/virtual seminars
  • Training & safety videos
  • Your case study in two minutes
  • Symposium recording or streaming
  • Live satellite interviews and press tours
  • The personal side to your research
  • Content for social media videos
  • Articulate and demonstrate value
  • Video web content
  • Your value proposition
  • Press release supplement
  • Explainer for a product or process
  • Recruitment
  • Topical expertise as web content
  • Your own "ask a scientist" series for kids
  • Capital campaigns and event videos
  • Information for your customers, patients and clients

And this only scratches the surface on what we can do for your research, project, cause, device or service with video. So, you've reached that point where you know you've got to have a video???????Now what? We'll take it from here and make you a look like a rock star in your field. We use testimonials, personal anecdotes, or a combination of voice, music and imagery to add swagger to your pursuit. We take what you want to say and make it so people can hear it. We craft the right video for the right audience. And we've spent the last 20 years applying that storytelling know-how to pharmaceutical companies, biotech, OTC health, hospitals, diagnostic and medical device companies worldwide.

How will your vision resonate?