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Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography

Nothing is cooler than watching a movie or TV show and seeing that majestic opening shot coming over the ocean or through some mountains. These shots were all done using helicopters and sophisticated cameras and mounting devices. At KO-MAR we have been doing similar aerial videography for years- hospitals, water parks, golf courses and real estate projects. Nothing is more impressive than good aerials.

There are several parts to the formula

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First, you need good weather. Either end of the day to get the "golden hour" is the best. Significant clouds or wind make it difficult and expensive to get good footage because you will probably have to spend more time in the air to get what you need. We've learned to cut our losses on aerial shoots because conditions weren't right.

The second piece you need for success in the air is a good pilot, someone who has done it before and knows what the cameraman/director has to deal with. A good pilot can take a lot of the small details off the backs of the guys who are in the back seat shooting. Knowing angles and altitudes and some of the camera/mount capabilities make a good pilot priceless.

The mount and camera are next in importance. There are many ways to go here and we prefer using either a nose mount or a gyro-cam remote mount that enables us to control every aspect of the shot- zoom, focus, pan/tilt, iris, etc..

Finally there is the guy operating the camera/mount. When you're in the air pitching and rolling at 100 knots trying to zoom, focus, pan, tilt and frame something is tough and experience is the only thing you can rely on. KO-MAR's aerial director, Todd Kolich, has logged hundreds of hours cramped into a helicopter getting some of the most beautiful footage imaginable. He loves it and you will love what he shoots.

Ask us about unmanned (DRONE) aerial cinematography too.