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Who we are and what we do

About KO-MAR Video Production

At most production companies, you'll find directors who are total prima donnas. Editors determined to make every spot into an "edgy" spot and producers who work overtime to pad your tab. None of these people work at KO-MAR.

The process of producing any video with KO-MAR is easy. We can get in early and help develop the message and the best way to deliver it, from content to transmission and distribution. We can also take direction from you or your staff and follow your direction to the "T". I guess what we're saying is, no matter what you need from a video standpoint , we can handle it and leave you to worry about all the other stuff.

We're a straight up group. Highly talented. And always professional. We provide honest estimates. Great work. And fair rates. All of it without the attitude.

KO-MAR is the Palm Beaches' original production company. Since 1980, we've seen tons of other guys come and go. And through it all, we've stayed. We've grown. And we've made it for one reason - we're that good.

KO-MAR Production Capabilities/Services

Field Production

We have an arsenal of HD cameras with all the important accessories:

  • Canon EOS C 100 Digital Cinema Camera
  • Edelkrone SliderPlus V2
  • SONY PMW-F3 Cinealta Super Exmor digital camera with Super 35 CMOS image sensor and PL lens mount.
  • We have a great collection of Zeiss Prime lenses as well as an Angenieux OPTIMO 16 X 42mm zoom that shoots at a crisp 2.8.
  • We own a Bartech Wireless focus system and a GEMINI 4:4:4 Recorder as well
  • (2) SONY 800 XDCAM HD 422 cameras, capable of just about any frame rate including over and under cranking
  • SONY F-900 HDCAM, one of the originals that still shoots some of the best looking footage around. It also covers the full range of frame rates including PAL.
  • SONY F350 XDCAM HD, the little brother to the SONY 800's but just as sturdy and solid in picture making.
  • Don't forget the latest and greatest version of our GOPRO
Post Production

We edit on five HD AVID Media Composer Symphonies loaded with all the cool plug-ins. All five suites are linked by AVID ISIS. Our editors are fluent in Adobe Creative Suite and understand how graphics and animations can enhance a video. We don't hire robots as editors. They have opinions and they'll let you hear them. We're not saying, we're just saying…

  • A complete HD & 3D end-to-end workflow
  • Real time HD editing – using Avid DNxHD or DNxHD 444
  • Color correction with full-quality 4:4:4 HD-RGB color space processing
  • A huge collection of built-in 2D and 3D effects, transitions, and tools for motion tracking, keying, compositing, titling, and editing/mixing audio
  • Over 2,500 albums of the best industry music
  • A library of SD and HD stock footage
  • Adobe® Creative Suite® solutions
  • And a great sounding audio booth for live voice recording


Studios are scarce in South Florida and really nice studios… well… you get the idea.

Ours is 6000 s.f with a 30 ft. ceiling and grid. One corner has a 40 X 40ft. white cyc that goes up 14 ft. The studio is perfect for sets, infomercials and big green screens. It has big enough access to bring in a Pro Stock Funny car. A standard def control room is attached exclusively to this studio and we use it a bunch on satellite Media Tours, which is easy since we have direct C-BAND and Ku uplink access right out of our facility. What's really cool about our facility is that it's not in a sketchy warehouse district or 28 story high-rise with P.I.A valet parking, We're in a beautiful location with curb sizzle just 10 minutes to the airport and 10 minutes to Palm Beach.

Grip and Light

Our grip and light gear can be mixed and matched depending on client's needs, but here's a list of some of the more important stuff:

  • 2-ton fully stocked grip truck for the big stuff as well as a FORD 250 for the smaller packages.
  • (4) 1200 W ARRI HMI lights
  • (3) Digi Mole 400W HMI's
  • Joker 800 W HMI
  • (2) four-bank kino-flo Diva Lite 400W's
  • (2) 1000W daylight lite panes w/battery power
  • Mini-Ringlite 5600
  • Matthews Doorway Dolly and track
  • (2) field teleprompters, portable HD switcher and intercom system and a slew of portable green screens up to 20 X 30 ft.
Scripting and Creative

After over 30 years in this business, boy do we have ideas. In house we have writers, producers, and directors that can make the most mundane widget sound sexy and purr. We turn those ideas into scripts and video concepts.

Since 1980 KO-MAR has produced hundreds of hours of quality broadcast television and literally thousands of commercial projects. Our producers have over 100 years combined experience in producing everything from sports programming to infomercials. OK don't get the wrong idea. We're still hip and young enough to be up to date on all the coolest software, graphics and cameras. Our staff ranges from mid 20s to mid 50s. We think it's a perfect blend of ideas, opinions and philosophies.

Doesn't matter if you haven't started, you're half way or getting close, we can fill in the rest.