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KO-MAR Productions is a full service high definition video production company. We've been in deep with all types of clients lately- in South Florida and around the world- Working on a couple of national shows, slick commercials, convincing marketing videos and really engaging web content.

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Whether you're a network producer, small agency creative director, or a "first-day-on-the-job" marketing director our approach to video production is always the same- to make the best-looking video possible and keep the bottle of aspirin in your purse or backpack. The technology these days reads like an Einstein theorem- from 1080i HD to 2K to 4K to 3 D we've done it all and better yet, we get it. At KO-MAR we understand creative direction, physical execution and most importantly DEADLINES. We look good when you look good. It's that simple… shouldn't it be?

We work with local and national clients like The PGA of America, CBS & NBC Sports, Office Depot, Tiger Woods Inc., Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Palm Beach County CVB, Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines, Sun Capital Partners, Jamaica Tourism, City Mattress, and The Palm Beach Post to name just a few. And we've been recognized for our work with awards, honors and a wealth of happy clients.

Recent Works:
Health and Life Sciences

Biotech, medical, pharma....Health Science has become our niche. Learn about our unique solutions for funding, recruiting and giving an edge to people in the business of save lives.


Filming in some of the most challenging environments - from active ERs to research labs.


Amp up your digital marketing with video richness - This is 1 of 12 cuts for VGTI's website.


Scripps challenged KO-MAR to capture a decade of achievement in one video for philanthropic communications.

Who Are We?


Todd Kolich

Todd's the guy who started this whole thing back in 1980. Schooled as a cameraman/director coming out of Loyola University, New Orleans Todd didn't know much about the production business when he started, but how he's learned. Learn more…


Jim Gallagher

Jim's the guy who helps Todd run the show. He serves as our executive producer for most projects and as occasional cheap voiceover talent. Learn more…


Devin Jinks

Devin's been with KO-MAR since 1997 - his first gig was working the '97 Baseball World Series. Since then Devin has climbed to the role as our Operations Director. Learn more…


Audra Grigaliunas

Audra's biggest problem is her biggest asset - She can write, produce and edit! We use Audra for EVERYTHING... And she loves it! Learn more…


Chris DeMaio

Chris grew up in South Florida hanging around horse tracks... just the kinda guy KO-MAR was looking for. Learn more…


Paul Piasecki

Paul's our brilliant creative guy from the great Northeast. Born on the Cape in Massachusetts, Paul attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Learn more…


Anthony Angrisani

Anthony is another special guy at KO-MAR- one who can wear many hats- they better all have Miami Heat and Miami Dolphin logos however! Learn more…


Jose Flores

We hired him regularly on a freelance basis…That's before we discovered how much he could bring to our business and realized he's far too talented to let slip away. Learn more…


Michelle Flores

Michelle's path to KO-MAR started in Pennsylvania. A Penn State grad (4.0 graduated in 3 years), Michelle brings a cerebral approach to editing. Learn more…


Mary-Jo Green

Mary-Jo graduated in 2006 from the University of Michigan where she earned a BA in Sports Management and Communications. Learn more…